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Depending on the room size and numbers, you may, either, want to create a separate room for dining or combine it with the living room. The following factors have  to be kept in mind while doing up the dining area.

It should cater for the family as well as a couple of guests. Keep in mind the lifestyle that you follow. If you are one of those who entertain a lot, you need to do up the area in a formal tone whereas the couples who do not entertain much can keep the informal tone in the dining area.
  • Keep in mind the cabinet space for storage of cutlery, crockery and crystals while ordering for the furniture. A dining table should not be very bulky or huge.
  • Lighting should be adequate; a central lamp, which focuses on the table, should be catered for.
  • While a rectangular dining table offers more space for the dishes, a round one can seat more people.
  • Don't go in for carpets in the dining room, instead, settle for a small rug or a colourful 'durry'. It could be placed under the dining table.
  • A nice painting could promote appetite and help in Keeping the atmosphere joyous.
  • Soft furnishing like mats, napking, upholstery, drapes and crockery can be coordinated, for a beautiful effect.
  • A few indoor plants make the eating experience a pleasant one.
  • Try and put in a fresh flower arrangements for a beautiful effect.

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