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The living room could be a separate space or one, which is combined with the dining area. This is one, which is combined to be kept in order since this is the main area of entertaining friends and visitors. One needs to keep in mind the availability of time, while designing the rooms. Most working couple prefers a simple layout, without too much clutter.

  • If you are a working couple, you will not be requiring a lot of knick-knacks and decorative items because that will increase your workload and create problems of maintenance. Whereas a lady who stays at home can afford to find time for the cleaning up.
  •  If your area is small, avoid heavy and carved furniture. Light and easily maintainable furniture is the best. Whereas, larger rooms give more scope of maneuvering. Do not go in for heavy carpets if you suffer from asthma or any related problems.
  •  If you have young children or own pets, minimize breakable items. Create space for your music systems and other gadgets.
  •   Use soft and pastel colors on the walls. Build the color scheme of the soft furnishings accordingly. Keeping the dust factors in mind.
  •  Flooring should be done, keeping the budget; maintenance and the dust factor in mind. Rugs and carpets should be co-ordinated with the color scheme.
  •  Choose the curtains with a neutral color so that they can match the up-holstery and the carpets.
  • Give special emphasis on lighting. Lamps, Wall brackets and floor lighting should be chosen with care so that they focus on the art works, paintings etc. Soft background light which creates a soft glow in the room is preferable to bright lighting.

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