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Owning a house is everyone's ultimate dream. Not many of us are lucky to be  able to affird a house and have to settle for a rented one. At best, we settle for a readymade apartment but at the back or our minds is the desire for a house made to order, to suit our individual taste and needs.

 Lately, Vaastu Shastra, an ancient indian science of building and architecture, has generated a lot of interest. Houses are being constructed, keeping the rules of 'Vaastu', in mind. 'Vaastu Shastra' directs that the east and north-facing properties are auspicious. It divides the directions into sub-divisions and guides the placement of all rooms according to the specific characteristics of that sirectiion. The basic thumb rules and guidelines are as follow.

  • The living room should be situated in the central part of the house and should not be in the northern side
  • The bedroom slope should be towards the east, which is supposed to bring wealth and prosperity.
  • The study room shoul face the east or northest.All study tables should also face the same direction.
  • The head of the family should stay in the southwest direction.
  • Bedroom can be placed towards the south and your head must be towards the south. One must not sleep with his head pointed towards the north.
  • The kitchen should be located towards the southeast and the person who cooks should be facing east while cooking.
  • Northeast directions is considered very sacred and so the pooja room should face this directions.
  •  The diningroom should be towards the west.
  •  The bathroom must not face towards the northeast direction.
  •   Avoid using heavy furniture towards the northeast side and keep it the lightest area of the house.
  •   The central axis of the house, which is known as 'dharmas' should be kept the lightest and no heavy objects should be stored there.
  •     All valuables should be stored in cupboards, which are placed in the north. Avoid opening the cupboards towards the south.

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