Tips to cook vegetables video
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Tip : Tips about making vegetables
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  1. To retain the original colour of spinach, brocoli and cabbage, douse them in ice-cold water just after boiling them.
  2. To retain the whiteness of potatoes, add a pinch of alum while boiling
  3. For a "baigan bnartha" with a difference, add a little green masala and curd.
  4. While using green peas in pulao, apply a little oil to them so that they retain their original colour.
  5. To make the crispy ladyfinger add a few drops of lemon juice while cooking them.
  6. Dip mushrooms in warm water to which a tablespoon of milk has been added
  7. To remove excess salt from "sambar", soup or gravy, add a bowl of cooked rice
  8. Before roasting brinjals smear them with 'mustred oil'. The skin will peel off easily.

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