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Oceans of the world

Oceans                                    Size                                         Greatest Depths

Pacific                                     155,557,000 sq km                  Mariana Trench, 35,827 ft

Atlantic                                   76,762,000 sq km                    Puerto Rico Trench, 30,246 ft 

Indian                                     68,556,000 sq km                    Java Trench, 24,460 ft 

Southern                                20,327,000 sq km                    Not available  

Arctic                                      14,056,000 sq km                    Arctic Basin, 18,456 ft 

Note:  the Southern Ocean was approved in 2000 by the International Hydrographic Organization. It is now the fourth largest ocean. Official depths for the Southern Ocean are still not available at this time. 

Deepest Oceans and Seas

Oceans                                    Depth in Feet                         Depth in Meters

Pacific Ocean                         35,827 ft                                 10,924 meters 

Atlantic Ocean                       30,246 ft                                 9,219 meters 

Indian Ocean                         24,460 ft                                 7,455 meters

Caribbean Sea                       22,788 ft                                 6,946 meters 

Arctic Ocean                          18,456 ft                                 5,625 meters 

South China Sea                    16,456 ft                                 5,016 meters

Bering Sea                              15,659 ft                                 4,773 meters 

Mediterranean Sea                15,197 ft                                 4,632 meters 

Gulf of Mexico                      12,425 ft                                 3,787 meters

Japan Sea                               12,276 ft                                 3,742 meters 

Note that official depths for the Southern Ocean are still not available at this time. 

Major Seas

Major Seas                                         Size

South China                                       2,974,600 sq km 

Caribbean                                          2,515,900 sq km 

Mediterranean                                   2,510,000 sq km 

Bering                                                 2,261,100 sq km 

Gulf of Mexico                                  1,507,600 sq km 

Arabian Sea                                       1,498,320 sq km 

Sea of Okhotsk                                  1,392,100 sq km 

Sea of Japan (East Sea)                    1,012,900 sq km 

Hudson Bay                                       730,100 sq km 

East China                                         664,600 sq km 

Andaman                                           564,900 sq km 

Black                                                  507,900 sq km 

Red                                                     453,000 sq km 

Major Rivers (By Length) 

River Name and Place                                  Length in Km

Nile, Africa                                                    6,825 km

Amazon, South America                              6,437 km

Chang Jiang (Yangtze), Asia                       6,380 km

Mississippi, North America                          5,971 km

Yenisey-Angara, Asia                                   5,536 km

Huang (Yellow), Asia                                    5,464 km

Ob-Irtysh, Asia                                              5,410 km

Amur, Asia                                                     4,416 km

Lena,  Asia                                                     4,400 km

Congo, Africa                                                4,370 km

Mackenzie-Peace, North America               4,241 km

Mekong, Asia                                                 4,184 km

Niger,  Africa                                                             4,171 km 

Major Lakes (By Size) 

Lake  Name and Place                                  Length in

Caspian Sea, Asia-Europe                            371,000 sq km

Superior, North America                             82,100 sq km

Victoria, Africa                                             69,500 sq km

Huron, North America                                 59,600 sq km

Michigan, North America                            57,800 sq km

Tanganyika, Africa                                       32,900 sq km

Baikal, Asia                                                    31,500 sq km

Great Bear, North America                         31,300 sq km

Aral Sea, Asia                                  &nbs

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