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Major Islands (By Size)

Islands                                              Size

*Australia                                                      7,617.930 sq km

Greenland                                                      2,175,600 sq km

New Guinea                                                   792,500 sq km 

Borneo                                                            725,500 sq km 

Madagascar                                                   587,000 sq km

Baffin                                                              507,500 sq km) 

Sumatra                                                         427,300 sq km 

Honshu                                                           227,400 sq km 

Great Britain                                                 218,100 sq km 

Victoria                                                          217,300 sq km 

Ellesmere                                                        196,200 sq km 

Celebes                                                           178,650 sq km 

New Zealand (south)                                     151,000 sq km 

Java                                                                126,700 sq km 

New Zealand (north)                                     114,000 sq km 

Newfoundland                                               108,900 sq km 

*Australia is widely considered part of a continental landmass, not officially an island. But without doubt it is the largest island on the planet, and when combined with Oceania, the smallest continent on Earth. 


Largest  Islands

Island                                      Length (In Sq.Miles)             Length (In sq.kms.)

Greenland                              840,004 sq miles                     2,175,600 sq km 

New Guinea                           303,381 sq miles                     785,753 sq km 

Borneo                                    288,869 sq miles                     748,168 sq km 

Madagascar                           226,917 sq miles                     587,713 sq km 

Baffin                                     194,574 sq miles                     503,944 sq km 

Sumatra                                 171,069 sq miles                     443,066 sq km 

Honshu                                   88,982 sq miles                       225,800 sq km 

Great Britain                         88,787 sq miles                       229,957 sq km 

Victoria                                  85,154 sq miles                       220,548 sq km 

Ellesmere                               71,029 sq miles                       183,965 sq km 

NOTE: Australia is widely considered as a continental landmass, not an island. In reality, it certainly is the largest island, with a size of (2,941,517 sq miles) (7,618,493 sq km). 


Largest Island countries

Island Countries                    Length (In sq. miles)              Length (In sq.kms.)

Indonesia                               735,358 sq miles                     1,904,569 sq km

Madagascar                           226,917 sq miles                     587,713 sq km 

Papua New Guinea               178,704 sq miles                     462,840 sq km

Japan                                      143,939 sq miles                     372,801 sq km 

Malaysia                                 127,320 sq miles                     329,758 sq km 

Philippines                             115,831 sq miles                     300,000 sq km

New Zealand                          103,883 sq miles                     269,057 sq km 

*Great Britain                       88,787 sq miles                       229,957 sq km

Cuba                                       42,804 sq miles                       110,861 sq km 

Iceland                                    39,769 sq miles                       103,000 sq km

*Great Britain is an island that combines the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales, and is a part of the country of the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland," commonly referred to as the UK. 


Highest Islands

Island                            Height in feet       Height in meters

New Guinea                           16,503 feet                  5,030 meters

Akutan, Alaska                     14,026 feet                  4,275 meters 

Hawaii, USA                          13,796 feet                  4,205 meters 

Borneo, Indonesia                 13,698 feet                  4,175 meters 

Formosa, China                     13,114 feet                  3,997 meters

Sumatra, Indonesia               12,484 feet                  3,805 meters

Ross, Antarctica                    12,448 feet                  3,794 meters

Honshu, Japan                      12,388 feet                  3,776 meters

South Island, NZ                   12,349 feet                  3,764 meters

Lombok, Indonesia               12,224 feet                  3,726 meters 

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