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  1. Never shave immediately after you get up in the morning because skin is puffy at that time. If you need to, take a cool shower first to remove some puffiness or run an ice cube over your skin before starting to shave.
  2. Shave only when you have all the required stuff ready like loofah, shaving cream, a good razor and a lotion.
  3. If you shave regularly, loofah each day in the shower or use some other means to get rid of dead skin. It will also keep your skin smooth and ready for shaving. After taking a shower in which you have scrubbed, be sure to apply a gentle moisturizer.
  4. Take plenty of time when shaving and shave in a bath, if you can. Baths are warm and really soften your skin. They make rinsing simple.
  5. Soak the area to be shaved in warm water for 3 minutes.
  6. Always shave in the direction of hair.
  7. Do not use moisturizer immediately after shaving because moisturizer will clog the open pores that irritates, wait atleast an hour. If you find that you are worried about infection and irritation, try using an aftershave on areas you have shaved, but for this also wait for an hour. Both women and men who shave their bodies can use after shave lotions. The alcohol in the product will disinfect the area a bit, although it will sting, especially if you have nicks.
  8. If your legs get ingrown hairs by shaving, you may find that using a loofah in the shower helps.  If you always get bumps after shaving, then try an alternative hair removal method.
  9. A woman should never shave her face hair including eyebrows because the stubble just looks too lousy.

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