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1.For a sound sleep take a hot and cold glass of milk at bedtime.

2.Do not watch violent movies or read thriller before going to bed.

3.Take a shower before going to helps as it relaxes and soothes the nerves.

4.Practice deep relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, massage etc. These help by reducing the stress factors.

6.Quit smoking. At least don't smoke before going to bed.

7.Avoid rich food in your dinner. Large and heavy meals within an hour or two of bedtime cause disturbed sleep.

8.Reduce the intake of stimulants like coffee, tea, chocolates and drugs that contain stimulants. Don't drink coffee or take alcohol after evening.

9.Deficiencies in vitamin B, calcium, copper, iron or magnesium can cause sleeping disorders.

10.Listen to soothing music, preferably instrumental music.

11.Don't get into arguments or tense discussions after dinner.

12.Say your prayers and try to relax.

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