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Microwaves act like steamers in a hurry. The quick increase in pressure can cause food to explode and even gave you serious eye injuries. Closed containers and eggs can explode when heated in a microwave oven due to the pressure build-up of steam. Products that are heated too long can catch fire. Though this is inherent to any form of cooking, the rapid cooking and unattended nature of microwave oven use results in additional hazard. Microwave oven manuals frequently warn of such hazards, but many of them are difficult to foresee. Because the microwave oven's cavity is enclosed and metal, fires are generally well contained. Simply switching off the oven and allowing the fire to consume available oxygen with the door closed will typically contain damage to the oven itself.

Any metal or conductive object placed into the microwave will act as an antenna to some degree, resulting in an electric current. This causes the object to act as a heating element. This effect varies with the object's shape and composition, and is sometimes utilized for cooking.

In order to avoid the situation Prick the foods that have tight skins, such as tomatoes, potatoes or hot dogs, to allow steam to be released as it builds. Never cook eggs in the shell. If you crack an egg open to cook in the microwave, be sure to pick the yolk and to avoid the mess, prick the egg yolk with a fork. Remove lids or caps from containers and cover with plastic wrap before microwaving. Turn the plastic back to allow steam to vent.

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