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In the summer time, it becomes essential to take care of yourself even more than the res t of the year.In hot weather makeup should not be heavy and is mostly aimed at protecting the skin from exposure to sun rays, avoid excessive sweating, cut out the oily shine and prevent clogging of skin pores that often result in acnes and pimples.

Here are some tips to keep your skeen healthy, make your make up last longer and you look fresh.

  • Sunglasses protect your eyes but do not stop the sun from tanning the rest of your face, resulting in eyes with paler skin around it than the rest of the face.It is very much important to care for your skin, especially against the sun as it not only saves it from getting dark, but also protects against the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun that can damage your skin thoroughly. It is equally important to protect your skin through using a good moisturizer with an SPF factor of 15 or higher.
  • When the warm weather hits you might find that foundation and powder feels too heavy on your skin. For a fresher, lighter look switch to a tinted moisturiser, apply with a damp sponge and you'll be sure to get an even look. A little concealer dabbed under the eye will give added radiance.
  • For evening parties, it is preferable to use loose shimmer powder on arms and neck and a soft gloss on lips.
  • Eye should be done simply. Use neutral and soft shimmery eye shadow on lids and work on lashes instead.
  • Curl your lashes and use glossy black shade on them to make them appear longer and your eyes bigger. Use only a very fine line with eyeliner.
  • Do not forget apply some lip balm to protect your lips from the heat and the damage of the sunrays. This will also keep them soft and supple.You can also apply lipstick and lip gloss.
  • Avoid lip liner.
  • If  you're planning a beach holiday or going to a wedding, waterproof makeup is the only refuge. For this very reason, nothing more than mascara has to be definitely waterproof.
  • If you must apply foundation, mix it with loose powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.
  • Warm, sunny, bright blush can be used.

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