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·         For a soft and spongy cake- add 2 tablespoons of any aerated cola to the cake batter for a deliciously cake.
·         To make an eggless cake spongier, add the juice of 1 lime to the batter just before pouring the batter into the baking tray.
·         While making pancakes, pour the batter from a jug instead of ladling, for an easy and even spread.
·         For getting perfect chocolate or cheese curls, just use your potato peeler to grate.
·         If the cake batter has become thick, to thin the batter, use water instead of milk. The cake will turn out much softer.
·         For a soft and spongy cake, add a teaspoon of glycerine to the cake batter.
·         To make a cake without an oven, use your roti tawa on which the cake dish can be placed.

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