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Juice consistently and drink your juice as soon as you make it (do not store it) for highest quality. Also you can do the following things to increase the quality of your juice:

·         Start off with the coldest possible produce- leave the produce in the fridge before juicing. Set your fridge a little colder.

·         Do not overload the juicer.  Feed in only a little produce at a time. Let it work itself out of the juicer before adding more.  Overloading will cause the juicer to work harder, causing excess friction and generating heat.

·         While juicing, occasionally juice a ice cube, which will help to reduce the temperature of the blade/auger and the juice. It will also dilute the juice.

·         Be sure to inspect the cutting blade (on centrifugal juicers) or cutter (on the champion juicer).  Replace if they are dull.  Dull blades do not cut as well, and thus will cause excess friction, which generates heat.

·         Juice in small batches, rather than "juice marathons".   The longer the juicer runs, the warmer things get.

·         You can put your juicing parts (blade or auger) in the fridge or freezer, so they starting  at a low temperature to begin with. (This step is not necessary as it may cause premature failure of the juicer parts.)

·         Start off by juicing the highest quality produce available.  In some studies, Organic crops have been shown to be higher in some vitamins, essential minerals and phytonutrients.  

Because this is true that juices that you purchase in the store, are most often pasteurized, and are cooked- to kill the enzymes, so they can have shelf-life.  So these types of juices are not as good as FRESH made juices you make at home with your juicer. Go ahead and make a glass full of health for you.

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