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Self-confidence is a belief in yourself and your abilities. It is one of the most fundamental requisites for success; a belief that you can handle challenges that come your way. If you really believe that you can achieve something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. When something goes wrong, an obstacle appears blocking your path, you find a way around it because you believe in yourself. Self-confidence is a powerful driver of success.
Becoming confident is crucial to Positive Living.  Confidence is the key to so many things in life.  Meeting new people, facing new challenges or awkward situations become easier when you have the confidence to deal with them head on.
Here are some steps to building self confidence:
Believe in yourself– In order to build confidence, you need to first decide that’s what you want and consider how you will benefit by greater confidence. Begin to think about where you sabotage yourself and where you support yourself. Where in your life are you already confident and where do you need to boost your confidence? This is the gear up stage where you are setting the stage for what you want to be, doing and have. It’s a good idea to get a journal for keeping track of your thoughts.
Dress well - First impressions are still based on your initial appearance and first sentence or two that you speak. Your body also communicates a lot of your internal thought processes, including how much confidence you have in yourself and what you are saying. Dress for success will help gain people’s respect and help you to keep your posture in one of success.
Break through your fears of what could happen - When your lack of self-confidence is based on a fear or anxiety of what could happen, then explore the worst case scenario. Usually people’s fear is a vague idea of an improbable disaster. When you really analyze what exactly would be the worst case scenario, most people find it isn’t nearly as bad as they envisioned. Walk through in your mind what it would be like to experience it. Like a dream, you can make it extremely vivid and life-like so you can experience the intensity and emotions that arise from such a scenario. This gives you a way to think through what you could do, what it would mean for you, and may even give you ideas to prevent such a scenario. By experiencing your worst case scenario in some way will build your own confidence that you can get through what you need to do.
Accept the truth about yourself both good and bad, and be okay with it - Know your strengths and know where you need improvement. We all have them; utilize your strengths and build up your weaknesses. Successful and confident people do this all the time. They don't allow their shortcomings to hold them back, they improve upon them.
Start with achieving small and easy goals, and work up to larger goals - Acknowledge your achievements no matter how small they may be. This is a great confidence builder. If you achieved a small goal, pat yourself on the back and work on a bigger goal.
Look for the positive changes that you have manifested - Even if they are small ones, it counts. Look for the ways that you have made improvements in your life. This will give you a sense of empowerment and confidence to keep setting new goals.
Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Whether it’s your spouse, parents, friends, or a coach, when someone else believes in you it can really help boost your own self-confidence. It may be that they see something in you that you don’t see yourself. If so, ask them what it is! Ask them why they believe in you. Interact with them daily to continually boost your own self-confidence.
Make eye contact when you speak-For one thing, it is polite for others. Also, eye contact will help others to listen to your thinking carefully.
Praise yourself everyday -This will promote your own confidence, which is important when you speak. With more confidence, people will take your thinking more seriously.
Some Tips
  • Don’t be nervous when you make mistakes. Human error is far from being a new concept nobody is perfect! It is normal for everyone to make mistakes. Just calm down and keep speaking bravely.
  • Try and try again! This may be difficult for a shy person at first, but you need to force yourself to speak, and not seclude your thoughts. If you have some ideas, then try to speak out! Don’t just keep them in your head.
  • If you have self confidence issues, try to think that you are the only one who has sound knowledge about the topic. Then go ahead and impart your knowledge to the audience in an effective way.

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