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  • Jasmine or any fragrant fresh flowers act as excellent air fresheners.
  • To remove the odour of garlic or fish from your hands, wash them with limejuice or salted water, before applying soap.
  • To get rid of the smell of kerosene from the hands, wash them with gramflour.
  • To get rid of stale cigarette smell from an ashtray, sprinkle ¼  teaspoon of baking powder in it.
  • Cigarette odour can be eliminated, from a room, by lighting a candle.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in phenyl and place it in the bathroom. The fresh smell lingers for days together.
  • Squeezed out lemon halves will absorb food odours from the fridge.
  • Add a few drops of cologne to a large, shallow pan filled with water and freeze. Keep this scented ice under the fan in your room. It feels good during the hot season.
  • To remove a strong odour from a used bottle, rinse it with clean water and then drop a lighted matchstick. inside and close the lid. Open the lid after 2 minutes and rinse again with clean water.
  • For lingering fragrance, add a few drops of perfume to the water in your steam iron.
  • The odour from the toilet can be eliminated instantly if you light a matchstick in the toilet.
  • For a lingering and lasting fragrance in your clothes, place used bottles of perfume in your cupboard.

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