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  • Your old shoes will shine like new if you apply a tea decoction before the shoe polish.
  • Sticky marks left behind after peeling off labels can be removed by applying white    spirit.
  • If leather shoes get wet, especially during the monsoon, drain off the water and stuff them with    newspaper. This will speed up the drying process and the shoes will retain their original shape.
  • While mopping the floor, add 2 teaspoons of salt to the water to keep flies at bay.
  • Rub faded carpets or mats with warm water and turpentine. This will bring back the original colour and shine.
  • Clean your window glass with some chalk powder. Then take a piece of cloth and rub well. The glass will begin to shine.
  • To clean dirty and greasy kitchen napkins, boil them with a little detergent and washing soda. Remove from heat and add some paraffin. Boil for another 30 minutes.
  • Sprinkle a little boric acid powder on bathroom tiles before washing, for economical and sparkling results.
  • To remove hot water marks from polished tables, make a thin paste of salad oil and salt. Apply a little on the marks and allow standing for an hour. Rub well with a soft duster.
  • To keep a vacuum flask clean and odour free, fill up half the flask with vinegar, hot water and pieces of egg shell.
  • Old leathtr bags can be polished with shoe polish to make them shine.
  • Old leathr shoes, bags, belts etc. can be given a     new lease of life with a single coat of fabric paint. They can also be polished with a clear liquid polish.
  • After washing, stick wet hankies on the clean tiles of     sidewalls of the bathroom. They will not fall down when dry and will look well ironed when removed.
  • Dab some aftershave lotion on your shoes and rub them lightly. They will get a super shine.
  • To clean porcelain vases, scrub them with a brush dipped in salted water.
  • To get sparkling clean toilets, use a few drops of  fabric whitener.
  • For a sparkling mirror, squirt a little toothpaste on a damp newspaper and scrub it.
  • While swabbing floor, add 1 tablespoon of detergent powder to the water. This will clean the floor while keeping the mop clean.
  • Slip one or two old socks at the end of a rod to make an effective cobweb remover.
  • To renew lost shine in an old painting, rub it with a slice of bread. Then, using upward strokes, clean with slices of raw potatoes.
  • Place a thick aluminium foil under your ironing sheet You will be able to do your ironing very neatly and swiftly.
  • Sprinkle lots of salt over a dirty carpet and let it be on for a minute or two. When you rub the salt vigorously, the dirt will also come out along with the salt.
  • To clean bathroom plastic ware, apply some kerosene and detergent powder on them. Keep aside for about 5 minutes and rub with a nylon scrubber. Wash well with lukewarm water for the sparkling look.
  • Clean marble flooring with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water mixed in ratio of 1:4.
  • To clean mattresses and quilts, coat with starch solution and dry in strong sunlight. Once dry, brush the starch off. All marks and spots will disappear with the starch.
  • To clean glass articles, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water, overnight. Rinse with a mild cleaning liquid.
  • To remove rust spots from metal, rub gently with an ink erasir.
  •  A mixture of liquid ammonia and detergent powder is excellent for cleaning cabinets, refrigerators and garbage pails.
  • To clean a candle stand made of any material, especially glass, and place it in the deep freezer for all hour. The wax will chip off easily.
  • Wipe your window grills with a cloth dipped in kerosene to keep away cobwebs.
  • To protect the window panes from paint spots, wash the glass with soap and wipe off the soap with a damp cloth after the painting is over.
  • To clean the shoes of your kid, take a little coconut oil and a swab of cotton, rub it into the shoes. They will shine like brand new.
  • Old leather bags and belts can be made to look new by rubbing with cotton wool soaked ina solution of ½ teaspoon rose water, 1 teaspoon glycerine and ½ teapoon coconut oil.
  • To remove grease marks from wallpaper, place a blotting paper over them and press with a hot iron.
  • Banana peels can be an excellent substitute for the shoe polish. Rub a leather shoe with a fresh banana peel and then polish with a soft cloth.
  • To make your old shoes shine like new, polish them with a tea decoction before using a normal shoe polish.
  • Polish mirrors and glassware with a black tea decoction.
  • To clear dust and grease from exhaust fans and bulbs in the kitchen, wipe with coconut fibre dipped in kerosene. Follow this by a good scrub with a cotton cloth dipped in washing powder.
  • Use a typewriter eraser to remove the dirt collected between the floor and the wall tiles of your rooms.
  • To get a special shine, hold the polishing brush before a heater or a lamp to warm it. Now polish the shoes with the brush to give them the sheen.
  • Window panes, aluminium sheets, wash basin mirrors, tiles and commodes will remain sparkling clean if rubbed over with a piece of lemon and wiped dry with a cheese cloth.
  • To bring back the gloss in ivory products which have got tarnished due to humid weather, rub them with lemon slices.
  • Wash the washbasin with diluted shampoo for a lingering fragrance.
  • Use Brasso to remove stains from glass, sunmica, the fridge or marble. It can be used to clean almost anything. Apply Brasso with a cotton swab, for best results.
  • If oil has leaked from the car on the garage floor, just spread out a damp newspaper over the oil stains. Leave it in place till the newspaper is dry. When you remove the paper, the stains will be gone.
  • To shine brass articles, rub them with a mixture of 2 teaspoons of vinegar and 1 ½  teaspoon cleaning powder. Wash in running water, dry them with a     napkin and watch them sparkle.
  • Remove pet hair' from upholstery and cushions by  rubbing a damp sponge over the required area.
  • To clean artificial flowers, shake them in a bag     containing a cup of salt.


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