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Bedrooms are the place where one spends most of his leisure hours. It should be specially designed to provide the comfort and be Practical. It should essentially contain a double bed, a dressing table and cupboards.
  • The bed should be high enough to allow easy cleaning below it. There should be a headrest with adequate space to hold books, and a few decorative items.
  • Ventilation should be good and the lighting adequate.
  • The walls should neither be bare nor loaded with decorations and paintings. Avoid cluttering of the bedroom.
  • The television should find a place in the bedroom along with a music system.
  • The lighting should be soft, and romantic. Bedside lamps should be provided for reading.
  • The wall unit should contain adequate storage space for clothes etc.
  • While wall-to-wall carpets can look very classy, they require a lot of maintenance. Try to fit in some lightweight carpets or rugs for a cozy effect.
  • The curtains should be pastel coloured or have light floral motifs.

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