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This is a very important room and a woman's province; never make compromises on the kitchen because it is one place where you will land up spending a lot of time. A kitchen should be large enough for at least two people to work in.   

Start by making a floor plan and drawing a layout. It should be scientifically designed so that the required movements can flow easily.
  • The floor should be made of a non-slippery and hard material like marble, cement, or stone.
  • The flooring could be vinyl or plain.
  • A storeroom and adequate storing apace is essential for a kitchen. Cabinets should be designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The power points should be away from the washing area and the cooking area should be away from the electric area. There should be enough power points for gadgets like oven, mixer, toaster etc.
  • Coloured or printed tiles help in keeping the walls clean and beautiful.
  • The platform should be L-shaped and placed at a convenient height to suit the person who will do the cooking.
  • Good ventilation, an exhaust fan and adequate lighting are a necessity

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