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Diabetes is a rapidly growing problem. The treatment of diabetes is being developed in different medical fields. Some of these treatments have been proven to show great potential. One out of those is the herbal treatment for the various aspects of diabetes.

Curry Leaves

Eat 8-10 fresh curry leaves daily in the morning for approximately three months.

Fenugreek seeds

Take 2 teaspoons full of fenugreek seeds (in the powdered form) daily in the morning preferably with the milk. Another way of using this is to soak 10-12 seeds in water at night and drink that water in the morning.


Mix equal quantity of powdered jumbal, amla and bitter gourd. Take one tablespoon of this mixture once or twice a day.


The decoction of the bark of Madhuca tree cure the diabetes.

It helps by lowering down the blood sugar level.


Swallow a clove of garlic daily in the morning.

The constituents of the garlic have been scientifically proved to lower down the blood sugar level.

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