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Breads – Indian and Exotic

  • Many of my friends from the south of India wonder how their counterparts in the north manage to get such soft ‘chapatis’. It is quite simple; just add 2-3 tablespoon homemade ‘paneer’ and milk to wheat flour. You will get soft, smooth and nutritious dough for ‘chapatis’.
  • If you are one of the adventurous types of cooks, try this recipe for a variation. For making soft ‘puris’ and ‘chapatis’, add a mashed and boiled potato while mixing the dough.
  • To make ‘rotis’ and ‘parathas’ soft, use warm water while kneading the dough.
  • To make ‘methi parathas’ tastier, add a little gramflour to the wheat flour and knead the dough with a little sour curd.
  • If you are stuck with leftover ‘chapatis’ or ‘parathas’, don’t throw them away. Wrap them in a clean cloth and pack into an airtight container that fits into the cooker and cook for 2 whistles. They will become hot and soft, once again.
  • If your ‘puris’ do not turn out as fluffy and nice, as you would like them to be, try this one. Add a little milk while mixing the dough.
  • For nice and crisp ‘puris’ heat some oil till it smokesl add this to the maida while making the dough.
  • If you like your ‘puris’ crisp, while kneading dough for ‘puris’, add a little rice flour to the eheat flour.
  • For nutritious and colourful ‘parathas’, knead the dough with spinach puree or beetroot juice. The colours will lure the kids into having an extra serving.
  • The softness of ‘bhaturas’ depends on the extent of fermentation. Crumble 1-2 slices of bread and add to the ‘bhatura’ batter for quick fermentation.
  • To roll out a perfect ‘bhatura’, roll out small portions of the dough into small ‘puris’ and cover them with a damp cloth. Roll them out just before frying.

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