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Here are some symptoms of Brain Tumor…
Headaches :  This was the most common symptom. Up to half of people with brain tumors suffer from headaches, but they are much more likely to be related to another benign condition. Headaches in many different ways, with no one pattern being a sure sign of brain tumor. Headaches are not usually the initial symptom of a brain tumor or the only one experienced. Frequent headaches should not be ignored regardless of accompanying symptoms, especially those that worsen with sneezing, couching, or bending over.
Vomiting : Vomiting, especially in the morning and without nausea, can be a symptom of a brain tumor. As with headaches, these are non-specific - which means that most people who have nausea and vomiting do not have a brain tumor. Vomiting is a very vague symptom that could be caused by a number of things.
Seizures : This was the common symptom. With 33% of people report having seizures prior to being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Seizures cause the body to shake and tremor in varying intensity. Loss of consciousness can also occur.Seizures can also be caused by other things, like epilepsy, high fevers, stroke, trauma, and other disorders. In a person who never had a seizure before, it usually indicates something serious and you must get a brain scan.
Vision or hearing problems : Some brain tumors can cause visual or hearing disturbances that are difficult to ignore. Hearing disturbances can include one-sided hearing loss or  without dizziness. Double vision, especially if it is associated with headache.
Speech Changes :  Slurring of the words or slow speech can occur. A person with a brain tumor may say things that make very little sense, despite efforts to communicate with the correct words. This lack of effective communication can be a frustrating symptom for people with brain tumors.
Cognitive problems : Slower processing speed of the brain can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Problems with recent memory, inability to concentrate or finding the right words, acting out - no patience or tolerance, and loss of inhibitions - saying or doing things that are not appropriate for the situation. People with brain tumors may find it takes great effort to complete the most basic task. Memory loss and difficulty concentrating can be typical with some brain tumors, as well.
Physical Changes : An adult with a brain tumor may experience weakness on one side of the body. Become suddenly "clumsy" -- losing balance or walking into walls or stumbling. Coordinated movements may become difficult.

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