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  • Eating salmons also prevents deficiencies of iron, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and several categories of vitamins like A,B and D. It also encourages strengthening of tissues, hair, nails etc.
  •  The ample mount of omega 3 fatty acids obtained from salmon aids Consuming salmon fish for a minimum of three servings per week fulfils most of the requirements of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • In lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in body. It is recommended that patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases should eat two servings of salmon per week for the restoration of damaged cardiovascular muscles and tissues.
  • It is a well known fact that higher levels of glucose in body triggers development of diabetes. An increased intake of salmon stimulates the influence of insulin in body which leads towards enhanced absorption of glucose from blood. Increased and enhanced metabolic rate is necessary to maintain adequate levels of glucose in body.
  •  It is advisable for individuals experiencing vision problems like hyperopic, drying eyes, presbyopia and myopia to consume salmon at least three times a week to gain desired results.
  • Eating salmon helps in increasing brain efficiency which further results in augmenting memory and reduce fatigue levels during extended working hours. The essential fatty acids present in salmon acts as shielding agent to defend core nervous system from damage. It is advisable for persons experiencing psychological disorders to eat salmon for the relaxation of tensed nerves.
  • Increased consumption of salmon fish aids in reducing inflammation of arteries and abdominal tract. It also boosts the growth of friendly bacteria in colon and endows natural shining to eyes, skin, and nails. Due to the ample quantity of easily digestible proteins found in salmon, it is usually referred by doctors for aged people to fulfil the requirements of protein and other nutrients.

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