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 Bhringraj-is also known as 'maka'. The fragrant leaves of this plant are veryuseful as they can be used to make very beneficial herbal oil, which has astrong cooling property. This oil helps the hair to grow and also refreshes theeyes. Since it cools the scalp, this oil can be used for curing headaches.

Jabakusum-the common hibiscus is a great source of hair oil with excellentproperties. The leaves as well as the flowers of this plant are used to darkengreying hair and the oil made out of it helps in hair growth as well as thehealth of hair.

Neem-ever since the western countries applied for patents of neemproducts, we have woken up to the benefits of this plant. Oils made out ofthese leaves and the berries cure headaches, baldness, increase hair growth andstrength.

Brahmi-it is a herb, which grows wild everywhere in India. It is thecommonest ingredient in hair oils. It cools the head, removes stress and helpshair growth. 

Parijat-also called 'harsingar, this tree has orange, white, fragrantflowers. The juice of     these flowers cures dandruff and strengthens hair roots.

Tulsi-the leaves of this plant when used in oil add lustre to hair.

Castor seeds-hair oil made of these seeds brings about sound sleep and healthyhair.

Curry leaves-also called 'meethi neem', the leaves when eaten regularly preventgreying. They nourish the roots and restore normal pigmentation of the hair.The leaves can be eaten raw in chutney or their juice may be added tobuttermilk or yogurt.

Henna-henna leaves are used to darken the grey hair.They nourish andcondition the hair.

Amla-enriches hair growth and pigmentation. Amla water makes a good rinsefor the hair.

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