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·   Fish have been on the earth for more than 450 million years.

·   Fish are vertebrate animals that live in the water. Vertebrate means they have a spinal cord surrounded by bone or cartilage.

·  Most fish reproduce by laying eggs, though some fish, such as great white sharks, give birth to live babies called pups.

·  There are over 25,000 identified species of fish on the earth.

·  40% of all fish species inhabit fresh water, yet less than .01% of the earth's water is fresh water.

·  Relative to their body size, fish have small brains compared to most other animals.

·  There are more species of fish than all the species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined.

·   Fish feel pain and suffer stress just like mammals and birds.

·   Some species of fish have skeletons made only of cartilage.

·   Tuna can swim at speeds of up to 70 kph (43 mph).

·  The oldest known age for a fish was an Australian lungfish. In 2003, it was still alive and well at 65 years old.

· Jelly Fish lacks in terms of having outer-shell or skeletal structure. They are considered as the most intelligent specie in fishes, yet they have no brain. Jelly Fish is the only fish that in-takes food and passes-out waste material from the very same mouth.

·  Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds. Humans have around 7,000.

· Saltwater fish need to drink more water than freshwater fish. Since seawater is saltier than the liquids in a fish’s body, water inside the fish is constantly flowing out. If they didn’t drink to replace the lost water, saltwater fish would dry up like prunes.

·   Mermaids are mythological creatures with the tail of a fish and the upper half of a woman.

·  Although jellyfish and crayfish have the word ‘fish’ in their name, they aren’t actually fish.

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