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  • Empty tetrapacks can be cleaned and used as portable pots for small plants like mint, coriander and fenugreek.
  • If ants attack ripening wall fruits, lay a band of tar mixed with a little sugar at the bottom and around tree base.
  • To get rid of the pests from your plants, burn dry leaves and twigs in your lawn. The smoke that results from the burning will get rid of the pests.
  • Boiling water destroys ants' nests. Boiling water poured on to weeds between paving kills off surface leaves and delays their growth.
  • When ants attack your plants, sprinkle a little turmeric powder around them and the ants will vanish.
  • Here is a recipe for home-made fertilizer - mix together superphosphate of lime, sulphate of ammonia, sulphate of potash and steamed bonemeal flour in the ratio of 7:5:2:1. Mix in water, 1-2 oz. per gallon.
  • Make your own slug killer by mixing crushed, block methylated spirit with dry tealeaves or bran. Spread in circles around the plants to be protected.    
  • Aphids and whitefly can be kept at bay by spraying with a solution of detergent liquid and water in the same proportions as for washing dishes.
  • Don't forget to remove and burn all diseased plants or the healthy plants may also get infected.
  • Old net curtains make good bird deterrents when draped over soft fruit bushes or vegetable patches.
  • Individual seed pots can be made from papier-mache egg cartons filled with potting soil.
  • Don't throw away the ashes after the garden bonfire has cooled. You will get your own potash when you use this ash for your plants.
  • To improve yield by retaining moisture, place well dampened newspaper mixed with grass cuttings in the bottom of a trench being prepared for runner beans.
  • Use 'neem' leaves to enrich the flowerbeds instead of fertilizers.
  • Bury your old leather boots and shoes under the soil in your garden. When they eventually rot, they add a good number of nutrients to the soil.
  • If your garden hose has holes in it, don't throw it away. Instead, make a few more and use it as a sprinkler for your lawn or vegetable patch.
  • For healthy indoor plants, sprinkle some gelatin powder on them, once in a month.
  • For a cheap and good tonic for rose plants, add 25 gms of Epsom salt to 4½ liters of water. Water your plants with this solution every few weeks.
  • Crumbled eggshells make excellent calcium supplement for the potted plants.
  • Dry tea bags and coffee powder make excellent fertilizer for your garden.
  • To eradicate squirrels from your garden, spread mothballs all over the garden. Squirrels will not uproot the plants.
  • Banana skins baked in an oven and buried under the soil around rose plants will give them potassium and help you get some lovely blooms.
  • Most houseplants respond well to a light sprinkling of coffee residue on top of the soil.
  • Pour some detergent water into the pot when you find ants attacking your plant. This will not harm the plant but will kill the ants instantly.
  • Tonics and vitamin tablets, which have crossed their expiry date, make excellent manure for the plants, especially rose plants.
  • Do not throw away any vegetable scrapping. Collect, dry and burn them. Use the ash as compost.
  • Sprinkle some mustard seeds and water on soil to get rid of insects and pests.
  • Water your plants with water to which some soda have been added. The plants will be healthier, with more foliage and flowers.
  • Boil neem leaves in a small aluminium vessel and cool. This decoction, when sprinkled on plants, will keep pests away.
  • Do not discard used battery cells. Break them and use the contents as manure for plants. Add plenty of water.

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