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This point is highly misleading as today there are so many types of vegetarians out there. For starters you have to understand that the term “vegetarian” is just a regular label that shields out some animal products, but in no way correctly represents all vegetarians.

The following list is just some of the most popular types of vegetarians out there today:

·         Vegan: Eats no animal products whatsoever, even indirect ones like honey.

·         Lacto Vegetarian:  Eats no animal products, except for dairy products.

·         Ovo Vegetarian:  Eats no animal products, except for eggs.

·         Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian: Eats no animal products, except for eggs and dairy.

·         Pesco-Vegetarian:  Eats no animal products, except for fish (can include eggs, dairy and in some cases chicken).

·         Flexitarian: Eats small amounts of animal products occasionally.

But again, even each of the above can have its own personal rules and variations.

Hence if you are thinking of becoming vegetarian, you have to realize that you can start wherever you want and with whatever that you are comfortable, because in the end labels don’t matter and the goal is simply to become healthier. Unless people are very motivated and educated about vegetarianism, they will usually start by cutting down on animal products and gradually embracing a more plant based rich lifestyle.

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