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Juice: Kinnow contains about 48-52% juice which is more than other fruits of the citrus family. Hence juice is cheaper than other fruit juices.
Vitamin C: It contains 15-20 mg vitamin-C per 100 ml juice which is more than other fruits. Intake of one glass juice (300 ml) daily during the season prevents Vitamin-C deficiency.
Vitamin-A: It contains 900 IU vitamin-A per 100 ml juice which is about three times more than other citrus fruits.
Limonin- Kinnow fruit is rich in limonin . Limonin is 15-20 ppm in juice, 2500-3000 ppm in seeds & 60-80 ppm in peel. Limonin fight six type of cancer and is anti HIV  and also lowers cholesterol levels.
Calcium: Kinnow fruit contains about 2-2.5 times more calcium as compared to other citrus fruits. Due to less intake of calcium bones have become weaker. The intake of Kinnow provides calcium which strengthens the human bones.
Pectin: It contains 0.2 to 0.3% pectin which is anti-cancerous and also helps  in lowering cholesterol.
Apart from these, saturated fat cholesterol and sodium are found in very less amount which is more beneficial for human health. Kinnow contains anti-oxidant and anti HIV elements abundantly.
Peel of Kinnow fruit contains oil which is used in cosmetics. Application of dried and powdered peel on face makes the skin glow. Kinnow fruit is rich in roughage which prevents constipations.

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