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The beauty of a woman is not only from the glowing face and lustrous hair etc. Feet are also play the important role to get the whole appearance as attractive. The perfect legs are quite coveted in our society. A pair of pretty legs is women's one of the greatest assets and perfect legs that make guys go crazy. If you have beautiful legs, you can wear flaunting dresses to show case your legs. You can wear dresses like miniskirts, light leggings, trousers, etc. But all women are not born with beautiful legs, so they must be familiar with how to get beautiful legs. This all can be done easily at home by using home products and following few simple tips.

Here are various easy steps for beautiful legs :

1)   Make Legs Smooth and Soft : Take hot water in a tub. Put one big spoon baking soda & one small spoon bath oil in it. Dip your legs for 15 minutes in this water, so that hard skin & corns become soft. Take your legs out of water and throw the water away. Now take out the dead skin with the help of skin filer. Mostly the dead skin is on the heel & on the spherical bone. Pumic stone can also be used to remove the dead skin. Now apply moisturiser in legs & massage them properly. After so much cleansing, legs will soke the moisturising lotion easily & the skin of that area will not become hard easily. This moistness will make the skin of legs soft & smooth.

2)  Home Made Mask for Feet : Simple home made mask for feet with easily available ingredients. Take Papaya - Half cup, Pineapple - Half cup, Avocado - Half cup, Honey 4 tablespoons and Bran 1 cup. Make a paste out of the above ingredients and apply till elbows for hands and ankles for feet. Wash after it gets dried up. This helps to get soft and supple skin.

3)  Almond Oil: Massage almond oil into your legs everyday after a shower as a natural moisturizer. Almond oil not only deeply moisturizes your skin, but can work to relieve pain and reduce the swelling of tired legs and feet.

4)  Shave Your Legs : Shave your legs as often as needed. Figure out the best and easiest method of hair removal for you. Some people prefer waxing; some like shaving. With the great products now available for shaving, it's easy to find a good shaving gel and a good-quality razor. Be careful about your razor choice; sometimes expensive is better. Some people think it is better to shave at night, because it gives your legs a chance to "wake up."

5)  Talk with a dermatologist if you are concerned about pimples, veins, or any other blemishes on your legs.

6)  Elevate your legs at night to help increase blood circulation by placing a pillow lengthwise between your knees and ankles. Increasing blood circulation can help to lesson skin discoloration in the legs, keep muscles healthy and prevent varicose veins.

7)  Eat well. Make sure you have a balanced diet and  maintain your weight to avoid varicose veins.

8)  Eliminate varicose veins once and for all with an apple cider vinegar remedy. Soak a piece of cheesecloth in apple cider vinegar and wrap the cloth around your legs where varicose veins are present. Elevate your legs and relax for an hour or so before taking a lukewarm shower or bath. You should see results in as soon as a month.

9)  Exercise : Some basic exercises you can do for beautiful legs are : Jumping (with a jump rope or trampoline), Running/jogging, Walking, Riding a bike, Swimming, Stair climbing, Aerobics, Squats and/or lunges, Weight training etc. If you can't go to the gym; try walking, ride a bike or skip the lift and walk up the stairs.

10) Use a scrub :  Always exfoliate and wash your legs before shaving them. It helps give them a natural glow from taking off dead skin cells.

11) Eat one whole cucumber daily to help reduce swollen ankles and calves. Cucumber is a natural yet gentle diuretic that can effectively reduce swelling in the body. Natural, nutritious and delicious, cucumber is the perfect addition to your skin care treatment.

12) Moisturize daily : Lotion will keep your legs soft, smooth and free of flaky skin. It will also help to maintain your tan.

13) Wear a flattering high heel instead of a stubby-heeled or flat shoe. It gives the legs an elongated look. Make sure you become comfortable in higher heels so you don't appear clumsy. Stilettos also help to improve the look of your bottom.

14) Get plenty of exercise and eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Diet and exercise are the best skin care treatments nature can offer, helping to reduce cellulite, keep muscles toned and the skin and body healthy.

15)  Wear skirts and flattering shorts that hit your leg in the appropriate place and are the proper length. You don't want anything too short, but you want them short enough to show off your legs. Avoid ankle- and tea-length dresses and skirts, as well as capri pants that narrow at the knees.

Things to Remember :

1)  Try to avoid standing for long hours at your work or home; this can result into the varicose veins to appear.

2)  Do not let your legs sun burn too much. Always use sunscreen of at least SPF 30 when tanning.

3)  Too much tanning is harmful for your skin, including your legs.

4)  Consult a dermatologist if you have consistent problems of pimples, blemishes and visible veins on your legs.

5)  Wearing high heels can cause your calves to become more muscular and look less graceful.

6)  Legs with a little color (tan) look better than whitish or pale legs.

7)  Remember, wearing high heels too often may cause your shins to become more muscular and look less elegant.

8)  Don't beat yourself up for small imperfections in the shape or structure of your legs. Perfect legs do come in all shapes and proportions.

9)  Sitting with your legs crossed can dull blood circulation and lead to varicose veins. Crossing your ankles avoids this problem.

10) Be careful while waxing your legs

Disclaimer*: This article is only for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.

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