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The Namakaran meaning ‘the baby naming’ in the Hindu Culture is called Raasi Ceremony.Namkaranis the traditional Hindu Indian practice of naming the baby child. Nama literally means 'name' and karana means 'to make, to effect'.Some of these ceremonies have religious or cultural significance.
The Namakaran Sanskar is usually held after the first 10 days of a baby's delivery. These 10 post-natal days are considered to be inauspicious as the mother and child are considered to be impure. After those 10 days, the house is cleaned and sanctified for the ceremony. The mother and child are bathed traditionally and are prepared for the ceremony. Relatives and close friends are invited to be a part of this occasion and bless the child. Priests are called and an elaborate ritual takes place. According to the date and time of birth of the child, a particular letter of the Sanskrit alphabet is chosen which would prove lucky for the baby. The baby is then given a name starting with that letter. Usually the father whispers the name four times in the right ear of the baby.
Namakarna is sometimes done according to the deity that a particular household is following. These names are called theophoric. This custom was common in Persia, Greece and India in the ancient times. One could even locate the lineage of a person by knowing his name. For instance in the Vedic times if Garga was the name of the father, the son would be named Gargi, next the grandson would be called Gargya and then Gargyayana would be the great grandson. Next the name of a Hindu child also depends on the caste of the family.
However in modern times, people do keep with tradition yet play modern. After all with sons and daughters migrating, it can be quite difficult for foreigners to pronounce a tongue twisting mythological name. Hence the custom and traditions are followed these days yet the names are kept simple.
According to the Grihyasutras, there are 5 requisites to selecting a name for the baby. This is the name that the child is will be called. It depends on the culture, religion & education of the family, and should be auspicious.
·         The name of the baby should be easy to pronounce and sound pleasant.
·         The baby nameshould contain a specified number of syllables and vowels.
·         The new born baby name should indicate the sex of the baby.
·         The baby' name should signify wealth, fame or power.
·         The child's name should be suggestive of the caste of the family.
After the naming ritual is over, friends and relatives who have come for the ceremony then bless the child and touch some honey or sugar to its lips. It is a moment of all-round happiness if the baby smacks its lips.

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