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Looking  beautiful and gorgeous is a matter of knowing your body, knowing what to wear and how to wear right kind of clothes. Dressing up is an art and if one can master this art then one can be on top of the world. The important thing about dressing right is you should look slim and tall in whatever you wear, no matter what your weight is. Even fat women can look slim if they know the tricks of fashion.
Following are the tips that will make look gorgeous, elegant and stunning! 
Pick one hue. Dressing head-to-toe in a single dark color, like navy or black, is the single best way to look like a person has lost a lot of weight.
Capri pants are surprisingly slimming, especially if you stick to dark denim or black and wear those that aren`t too short or too long.
Slim down with color. Hot summer hues like pink and yellow catch the eye and are good for body parts you want to play up. Pair them with black, brown or navy -- dark colors recede and are best for areas that you`d like to draw the eye away from.
Skip large patterns. Smaller patterns fool the eye and make for a more delicate look. One should not wear patterns on top and bottom since it tends to add more weight.
Tall women don't need to fear leggings and skinny jeans. These styles can actually add visual length to your legs and hug your curves in a flattering way. Like any other pair of pants, it can be difficult for tall women to find leggings and skinny jeans that are long enough.           

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