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  • Avoid heavily populated residential areas.
  • Avoid mosquito bite even during day time.
  • Discard items that can collect rain or run-off water, especially old tires.
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding sites around homes.
  • Regularly change the water in outdoor bird baths and pet and animal water containers.
  • Sleeping area should have mosquito netting over the bed.
  • Stay in well-screened areas.
  • Use long clothes to cover the body to avoid mosquito bite
  • Use mosquito repellents on skin and clothing.
  • When indoors, stay in air-conditioned or screened areas. Use bednets if sleeping areas are not screened or air-conditioned.
  • When outdoors during times that mosquitoes are biting, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into socks.

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