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Pakoras and Dahi Wadas
  • Here is a word of advice for all those persons who love to eat ‘pakoras’ but feel guilty about the amount of oil consumed during the binges. Add a pinch of salt to the oil while frying ‘pakoras’ or ‘koftas’ and you will be surprised to note how little oil is absorbed.
  • Some people like their ‘pakoras’ soft so the above tip is quite useless for them. For those who like it soft, add a pinch of baking powder along with 1-2 teaspoons of hot oil to the batter.
  • ‘Pakoras’ will turn out crisper and tastier if you add a little corn flour to the gram flour while mixing the dough.
  • Many of us turn out soggy onion ‘pakoras’ and don’t quite know what went wrong. The face is that the batter, which is perfect, turn dilute when the onions are added because of the juice that the onions release. To make crisp onion ‘pakoras’, just sprinkle a little salt on the onions and mix well. Keep aside for a few minutes. Soon the onions will become moist. Mix in the gram flour and masalas and fry.
  • Half the excitement in cooking is the presentation of a dish. For exciting shapes of ‘papads’, cut them with the scissors before frying or roasting. The children will lap them up in no time.
  • Seasoning is another area where one can easily go wrong. Even after years of cooking, I sometimes land up with a salty soup. If you have added more salt to the ‘dal’, put a piece of potato or a lump of dough in it, to soak up the extra salt.
  • While cooking leafy vegetables like spinach or cabbage, always add salt at the end, when it is almost cooked and the quantity has reduced.
  • While making ‘dahi wadas’, add little curd to the ground ‘dal’ and mix well. The ‘wadas’ will turn out softer and absorb less oil, too.
  • To make the ‘dahi wadas’ softer and tastier, add one or two boiled and mashed potatoes in the dal paste.
  • Dip bread slices in water, for a minute, squeeze them dough for ‘urad dal wadas’, if you need to increase the quantity instantly. They can also be added to potato filling, for ‘alu parathas’. If you dip the slices in milk instead of water, you can use them in ‘paneer’ or ‘egg bhurjee’.
  • If you have an adventurous palate and the penchant for trying out novel ideas, here’s one for you. For an unusual taste and flavour in the soup, add a teaspoon of mint paste to the onion or tomato soup.

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