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  • During my initial years in the kitchen, I tried to live with the broken and burnt pieces of fried fish. You need not suffer the embarrassment if you coat fish pieces with rice flour before frying. This trick will prevent them from sticking to the frying pan.
  • I also had to suffer the pain of burns after the ordeal of frying fish. It took me years to find a solution. Before frying fish, add a pinch of turmeric to the oil. This prevents the oil from spluttering out of the pan on to your hands.
  • How often have you cooked the meat for hours and discovered it to be tough. The trick is to make it tender. One or two pieces of betel nut or unripe papaya are excellent meat tenderizers.
  • Homemade chicken tikkas can sometimes land up being as hard as pebbles. For delicious and extra soft chicken tikka, mix one egg into the marinade.
  • With Chinese dishes becoming an all time favourite, one can never learn enough about perfecting them. If you want the balls of chicken to be crisp ad tasty while making chicken or vegetarian Manchurian, add a little rice flour to the mixture before frying. The balls will be crisper.
  • Here is another tip to cook meat to perfection without fretting for hours. To tenderize meat and add flavour to it, marinate it for an hour in beer.
  • What does one do when the chicken gravy becomes too watery and you have guests coming for dinner? Well! Just add breadcrumbs and 1-2 teaspoon garam masala powder to the chicken gravy. And hey, presto! A nice and thick gravy is ready.
  • To make a quick sauce for boiled chicken or fish when unexpected guests arrive, stir 2 teaspoon of curry powder into 1-cup curd and add a little salt. Heat to serving temperature and spoon over each serving. You will have the guests eating out of your hand.

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