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1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive motion injury caused by typing or mouse-clicking, especially if strain is present in the tendons or muscles or the hands or arms. Carpal Tunnel usually starts as bursitis (aches or burning in the joints), but the biggest problem is the swelling, caused by tendons in the wrist being rubbed against the bones, which tends to pinch the nerves which must share the same thin conduit into the hand (the carpal tunnel).  Bursitis are the initial  signs, see a doctor in initial stages, advanced Carpal Tunnel is sometimes cured with surgery.

Preventive Measures

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is preventable, you can take following precautions to avoid this syndrome:

·         Your wrists should be straight while typing.

·         Your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle.

·         Your posture should be upright.

·         Take frequent breaks in between while working on computer.

·         Do Mild stretching or exercise of the hands and arms to keep muscles loose and blood flowing.

2. Ozone

Although all laser printers come with ozone filter, sometimes it is possible that it is releasing poisonous gas. If your printer displaying a code which means ozone filter is not working well, listen and change it immediately.

3. Toner

Toner is black dust used in laser printers to form the print image. Toner dust has been classified by the FDA a class-A carcinogen. Because of this, care should be taken in the installation, removal, and disposal of print toner cartridges. Toner is so fine that it easily becomes airborne. Minimal respiratory tract irritation and eye irritation may occur with exposure to large amount of toner dust.

Precautionary Measures

·         Be careful not to get it on your hands or skin

·         Wash your hands when you are done

·         Take all possible steps to avoid breathing it

·         Before changing a toner cartridge, wear a dust mask.

·         Never use an ordinary vacuum cleaner on toner. It passes unimpeded through the filters on household vacuums, becoming a true airborne nuisance. If you have a toner spill that cannot be wiped up, call a service technician. They use vacuums with special filters that are designed to trap toner.

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