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  1. For tile with grout, it is best to get the worst part over with and clean the grout first and then continue with the tile. To clean the grout, apply the bleach pen or scrubbing bubbles with bleach to the grout and let sit for a few minutes. After it has set in for a few minutes, scrub with old toothbrush, wipe with rag, and then wipe with a wet rag.
  2. Begin by sweeping the floor, being sure to flush dirt from corners and under appliances.
  3. After your floor looks new, don't foreget to keep up your floor a few times a week instead of getting down on your hands and knees every couple of months! Invest a few dollars in a swiffer or other brand of dry sweeper. Keep your sweeper ready to go and wipe the floor with a dry cloth, disposable cloth (like swiffer wipes), or even a papertowel. Wipe your floors a few times a week with the dry cloth and once a week with a wet cloth. Your floors will look great and it will feel effortless.
  4. Use towels to clean up excess moisture. Allow the floor to dry completely
  5. Using the mop or soft cloth, scrub the floor gently. Stubborn spots may require the rubber bristled brush and cleaning from your hands and knees.
  6. First attempt to clean your floor with warm water and a mop. Often, no detergents are needed.
  7. To clean the surface of tile or linoleum, use the orange glo paste which will clean almost any surface and is very gentle.Add a very small amount of water to the orange glo tub, rub your rag into the orange glo paste to get a little wet paste on the rag. Use your rag to rub the paste over a small area and let sit for a few minutes. While that area is soaking in, start another small area. Go back to first area and wipe with clean rag. You will see your floor shine like it is brand new.

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