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 Game is important for Children because it practices their linguistic, cognitive and social skills and contributes to their general personality development. Children use their minds while playing, because they are thinking and acting as if they were another person. When they make such a transformation, they are taking a step forward abstract thinking in that they are freeing their thoughts from a focus on concrete objects. Game is also associated with creativity, especially the ability to be less literal and more flexible in one's thinking.
Games improves mental skill, physical strength of a person as well as it is best way for fun and entertainment. Games are one method of recreation, irrespective of age. Scientific studies prove the vital role of games for the overall development of kids. Depending upon the age group of kids, various games are available to choose from. For toddlers, games which give hand eye coordination are highly recommended. By participating in a game with kids, parents can closely monitor the development of kids' skills and establish parent-child bonding. Parents will be able to bridge the gap in communication with their children by gaming with them.
Now a days kids are addicted to, too much of television which is in fact very bad for their vision. By gifting excellent games which are educational kids will be able to learn by fun. Games can be classified into three general categories namely which are purely entertainment games, which are purely educational and which provides education as well as entertainment.Entertainment games are perfectly alright for toddlers which to some extent improves kids' imagination. Some kids may experience learning disabilities where parents can go for educational games. They helps in providing knowledge through fun and kids will be spared from the boring classroom mode of education.
By practicing these games, children can map the real world situations to the activities involved during a game. Imaginative games boost the creativity of the children which is vital for their success later as problem solvers, creative thinkers and innovative business owners. Thus games which are educational as well entertaining are very much recommended for kids. Social skills of your kids can also be improved by practising games which are multiplayer games which included how to take turns, patience and sharing mentality.

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