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Childhood is the most innocent stage in a human life. The term "child labour" generally refers to children who work to produce a good or a service which can be sold for money in the marketplace regardless of whether or not they are paid for their work. A "child" is usually defined as a person who is dependent upon other individuals (parents, relatives, or government officials) for his or her livelihood. The exact ages of "childhood" differ by country and time period.
Child labour is the biggest problem prevailing today in the world and also greatly in India.However child labour refers to the employment of children below the age of fourteen. The practice of childlabour is banned in most of the countries but in spite of that we can easily find infinite number of children working at various places. Child labor is a very cheap and reliable form of involvement for the owner. The children are hired as child labourers by all the big and small businessmen. Being young at age they are the most quick and efficient. Child labor is generally a necessity of small factories, food shops and households. Child labour in the rich and developed countries comes under human rights violation but in the poor developing countries we could easily spot a kid earning his/her daily bread.
Childlabour is a good and readily available source of human power; the children are made to work in really drastic and inhospitable conditions for long hours. Child labour is so popular because the capitalist think the children with their small fingers and sharp eyes would be able to deliver a finer quality of work.
India accounts for the second highest number where child labour in the world is concerned. Africa accounts for the highest number of children employed and exploited. The fact is that across the length and breadth of the nation, children are in a pathetic condition.
Causes of Child Labour
Some common causes of child labor are poverty, parental illiteracy, social apathy, ignorance, lack of education and exposure, exploitation of cheap and unorganized labour.
  •  Parents are forced to send little children into hazardous jobs for reasons of survival, even when they know it is wrong. Monetary constraints and the need for food, shelter and clothing drives their children in the trap of premature labor. Over population in some regions creates paucity of resources. When there are limited means and more mouths to feed children are driven to commercial activities and not provided for their development needs. This is the case in most Asian and African countries.
  • Illiterate and ignorant parents do not understand the need for wholesome proper physical, cognitive and emotional development of their child. They are themselves uneducated and unexposed, so they don’t realize the importance of education for their children.
However child labour is an inhuman and unjustified practice, spoiling not only the future of the children but the country on a long term basis. So let's make effort together to stop childlabour and create a better future.

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