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Most good parents realize that there is always much more for them to learn about being good parents. In a perfect world, parents would all have boundless energy, patience, tolerance, understanding and flexibility. But no one is perfect. So it also helps to have a wide variety of practical skills. Some alternatives to common mistakes parents make when disciplining their children.
Too Controlling:- This mistake is common with first time parents. We want for out children to be protected from anything and everything that could possibly have a negative effect on him/her. Due to this, we feel that if we control every little thing our kids do, all will turn out well. The intentions might be good most of the time, but they need to make their own mistakes sometimes. Afterall, our mistakes make us who we are.
Focus on your child’s play time :- Parents who obsess about how many minutes their children play advocate selfishness.If we worry about playing time, our kid will feel pressured and forget the importance of being a team player. Better to focus on them giving their best each time they get a chance to play.
Nagging:- Nagging is often a problem for parents who try to be lenient or permissive. They don't want to get angry but are constantly asking, until they explode. Better: Get the child's full attention.
Pointing out only the negatives :- Focus on the good things and give a little bit of positive feedback from time to time. Think of how good it makes you feel when someone compliments you or your work.
Spoiling kids :- There is no doubt that parents love their kids and want them to have all the things they didn’t. However, this comes at a price. A ton of well-intentioned parents have ended up spoiling their kids to such a degree that the kids aren’t even happy with all the stuff they have. This causes them to never be satisfied and always want more.Kids always needs is some special time with their parents.
Don’t Have Discussion:- Communication with your children is as important as communication with your partner.Having a simple discussion, instead of a lecture is a great way to teach your child that using words to convey a feeling or idea is much better than brute force. Discussing situations can also be a good point to bring up instances and examples that might help your child with some sort of conundrum that he/she is having. It is a good idea to allow them to pose some questions that they might have as opposed to a lecture when they are more likely to tune you out.
Yell :- Yelling may be an effective way to vent frustration, but most children of "frequent yellers" soon learn to tune it out.You may have to delay action until your anger is under control. Most children respond better to a calm, reasonable request or command. Save yelling for emergency situations when you really need to get your child's attention.
Don’t Set Boundaries :- This is a common mistake among busy parents.They don’t set boundaries for when their child needs to be home or how a homework schedule needs to be run.

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