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Parents should be concious for their child’s behavior. These steps will improve your child's behavior and reduce the frequency and severity of any child behavior problem.
Relationship :- A loving, stable relationship between parents and children is the basis for the child's healthy social development.The parent-child relationship is built on the words you say and the tone of your voice.It is strengthened by the laughter you share and the games you play together. It is forever bonded by the values and skills you pass on to your child every day.
Go With Your Gut Feeling :- If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut feeling. Teach your children to trust their instincts too, by listening to them and respecting what they feel.
Planning :- Planning is the secret of good parenting. Most children's behavior problems occur during times of transition and adjustment.Since childhood is by its nature a continual process of transition, and adjustment to rapid development, it's easy to see that bad behavior is a natural reaction to challenges that the the child doesn't yet have the skills to accomplish.Use direct instruction, guidance, and practice opportunities to teach the skills she will need to cope with new challenges in the journey of childhood.
Quality Time Is Quantity Time :- Caring and being close is about making time so do more with your child. Spend more time doing things your child enjoys.
Reminders :- Reminders are less likely to provoke a refusal or a power struggle than are outright commands. you have already painted the scene in your child's mind, he knows what you expect, and he has previously agreed to it. Reminders prompt a child to complete a behavior equation on her own.
Help Your Child Learn That Choice Have Consequences :- Experiencing the consequences of their choices is one of the most effective ways children can learn self-discipline.Most success in life depends on making wise choices. Being able to think ahead about the positive or negative consequences of an action and choose accordingly is a skill you want your children to learn.

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