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Discipline is helping children develop self-control. Discipline is setting limits and correcting misbehavior. Discipline also is encouraging children, guiding them, helping them feel good about themselves, and teaching them how to think for themselves. Discipline should help children learn how to control their own behavior. Spanking is used to directly control children's behavior. Spanking does not teach children how to change what they do, as good discipline should.
Some general guidelines for training children:-
  • We must repeat the same instructions over and over again and as the child reaches higher levels of understanding, he gradually learns the lessons. We must be careful not to ignore their questions. The average child asks 500,000 questions by the time he is fifteen, and most of the questions provide an opportunity to do some good teaching.
  •  Parents are to be good examples. We must not be late for our own appointments and then nearly "throw a fit" if our children are late for a meal or late for the school bus. We must demonstrate in our own lives the kind of living that pleases God and let this become an example for our children.
  • Our authority must be clearly, consistently established. Use only the necessary words, and teach our children to develop eye contact and listening skills. Show, by example, that we listen to them as we expect them to listen.
  • Remember to make rewards and disciplinary consequences not only age appropriate, but also task appropriate. Don't over-punish minor misbehaviors.

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