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A balanced diet for children is required to supply the nutrients and energy needed for the growing child. A diet which contains all the nutrients e.g. energy, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals etc.  required by a child for the proper maintenance of health and optimum growth is termed as a 'balanced diet'. However, following a balanced diet chart doesn't mean one has to starve or eat tasteless and bland food. Therefore, to lose weight and to stay fit.
Certain points that can be considered for planning healthy diet are :
  • Select seasonal fruits and vegetables. Your child should have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Include fruits and vegetables at every meal. You can include fruits in the form of fruit salads or fruit milkshakes, added in the custard if your child doesn’t like to eat whole fruit.
  • Limit excessive consumption of fried foods or fatty foods. Baked or roasted foods and grilled foods are healthier option.
  • Protein rich foods are essential for proper growth and muscle development of your child. You should give him good quality proteins like soybeans, eggs, poultry, milk and meat. Animal foods can be expensive. Hence you can prefer plant foods like pulses, nuts and legumes. Combination diets like cereal pulse combination or pulse oilseed combination can improve the quality of protein in the diet.
  • Avoiding food items containing oil or sugar as they do no health benefit, and actually increase the cholesterol level and calorie intake in the body.

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