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It is an acute viral fever caused by the virus .Chikungunya got its name from the Makonde word which means - "That which bends up" & this is due to the bend posture that develops in Chikungunya victims as a result of Chikungunya symptom like arthritis.

How it spreads

The disease is spread by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.  It is day biter. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in fresh water only.


. It is not normally a serious health issue as it only lasts for 3-7 days. It symptoms appear after 3--12 days after bite of infected mosquito. The main symptoms include:

             Severe temperature

             Nausea and vomiting

             pain in all the major joints with swelling

             Infection of conjunctiva of eye and sensitivity to light

             Severe headache and conjunctival infection

             Rarely rash



       Life-threatening complications are rare

      Can affect the brain in new-born children



Diagnosis is done on the clinical history an physical examination. There are some laboratory tests to confirm the disease. Such as Serology and IgM antibody. Laboratory confirmation is important to detect Chikungunya, since the clinical appearance of both Chikungunya and dengue are similar. CHIKV is usually diagnosed by blood tests.


There is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine available for Chikungunya. Each victim had to be given separate treatment based on symptoms. Symptomatic treatment is given, consisting of Pain relieving drugs (such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and diclofenac) plenty of fluids and rest.

One thing is most important that Aspirin should be avoided.

Chikungunya also known as Chicken Guinea is a self limiting disease. Chikungunya symptoms will fade or disappear over time.

Symptomatic treatment is the best against Chikungunya disease [Chicken Guinea Disease] .

Preventive Measures

The best way to avoid CHIKV infection is to prevent mosquito bites. Infected persons should be isolated from further mosquito exposure in order to avoid transmission of infection to other people.

Stagnating water, a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, is the main cause for the scattering of the disease. Preventive measures for controlling rapid increase of mosquitoes are eliminating stagnant water, getting rid of containers like food cans, used tyres, buckets, barrels etc which will retain water in the outdoor surroundings, covering water tanks properly etc.


Other preventive measures are:

             Use mosquito repellent products or nets.

             Wear long sleeved clothes that will cover arms and legs for protection against mosquitoes.

             Use insect repellents over the exposed parts of the body.

             Avoid going out of doors during the greatest risk times at dusk and dawn, or at least cover the legs, arms, and feet during the early morning and evening.

             Use of Larvicides such as Temiphos and Fenthion.

Home treatment for Chikungunya:

                    Eat a healthy diet with mostly raw vegetables and most fruits.

                    Avoid sugary drinks and alcohol.

                    Avoid bananas, chocolates, yogurt as they attract mosquitoes.

                    Vitamin B Complex will help prevent bites.

                    Use catnip, rosemary, and neem oil to spray on exposed areas of skin (I would add lavender for aroma improvement)

·                Make a bath with the above essential oils.

                    Drinking 6-8 glasses of water is highly beneficial.

·                Coconut water is the best solution to the dreaded ‘chikungunya’ and several other            diseases. Although coconut water may not cure diseases, it will sure help patients recover faster.

                    Take dry grapes with Cow milk.

                    Carrots are extremely beneficial in any form.

                    Drink green tea for relief.

                    Minimize the salt intake.

                    Add one drop of wild oregano oil to a shot glass of carrot juice or some other strong juice.

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