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In reality, Sooji or semolina or Rava is the granular form of maida- a polished grain; their nutritional contents being the same. 

A whole grain is made up of four main parts-

  1. The Husk, which is inedible
  2. The outer tough Bran or the fiber rich part
  3. The Endosperm, the starch rich part which basically provides complex carbohydrates and energy.
  4. The Germ, nutrient rich part wherein all the goodness of the grain is concentrated. The germ is really the embryo of the seed situated at the base of the grain rich in proteins, fat and the richest source of vitamin E – an antioxidant vitamin and vitamin B complex, Iron, magnesium and chromium.

During milling, the fiber rich bran layer is removed but the germ which is also attached to the bran gets ripped off. Thereby, the grain looses its fiber and nutrition leaving mainly the endosperm- the starch rich part without the goodness of the grain. The further grinding of this yields maida however, the grinding of the whole grain yields atta. The granular form of the endosperm is called Sooji (Semolina/Rava).

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