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Title : Substitute whole grains and/or fruit and vegetables for refined carbs. Previous topic PreviousNext Next topic

Whole grains and fruit/veg are higher in beneficial fibre, vitamins, and in the case of fruit/veg, other useful phytonutrients. This means that not only are they more nutritious in general, but they help control energy levels and appetite more effectively. Plus, they taste better. The more you reduce your refined carb intake, the less you will probably crave the stuff. You'll likely find that your appetite diminishes, and you have fewer blood sugar swings, but more consistent energy.

instead of:                                          try:

White bread                                        Whole grain bread, rye bread, pumpernickel bread
Regular Pasta                                      Whole wheat pasta
Ramen noodles                                   Buckwheat noodles (soba)
White rice                                            Brown rice or wild rice, Barley, Buckwheat
Fruit juice                                            Fruit
Sugary breakfast cereals                     Oatmeal


always the best thing for everyone.

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