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In the refining process of carbohydrates, all the minerals and nutrients are removed which are essential for the optimal working of our body. All Refined Carbohydrates are Hazardous to our Health. Sugars are also refined carbohydrates include anything that ends in "ose." Sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, dextrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and sugar all count as sugar. An easy way to remember this is anything that rhymes with "gross." But  sugar naturally found in fruits and other such sources does not came into the category. If nature put it there, it is usually fine. And again, how it affects you will depend more on you individually than the type of fruit itself. Yes, sugar is natural, but it is not fresh. And when you add it to another food, the other food is not pure either.

There are two big reasons why refined carbs and sugar are so bad, as well as hundreds of smaller reasons. The two big reasons are these:

1. Refined carbs and sugar have no vitamins, minerals, or anything else that is needed to operate and run a healthy body

2. Refined carbs and sugar cause blood sugar levels to be artificially raised and lead to all the problems that come with high blood sugar levels.

Refined carbs, present in most processed foods, are undoubtedly bad for your body. They affect your blood sugar level, appetite and satiety and do a number of nasty things in your body. It is true that a single cookie cannot do any harm to you, but when you start reading labels, you will realize how much junky crap is in your food. Read your labels! If there are more than, say, three ingredients and at least one of them ends in "ose", don't eat it, or restrict yourself to a small portion. White flour is also included as a refined carb, so limit your intake of this stuff too. Potatoes are often put into the refined carb group, although they are technically a vegetable. This is because they tend to stimulate a similar kind of response as other refined carbohydrates.

List of Refined Carbs include:

Baked goods: muffins, donuts, pastries, cookies, cakes
White flour and white flour products such as white bread and bagels
Snack foods: candies, chips, pretzels
Sweetened dairy products: ice cream, chocolate milk
Drinks: pop/soda, juice
Processed grain products: Pasta made from white flour, white rice, rice cakes, many breakfast cereals

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