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Though rice is the staple food for two-thirds of the world's population, but it is a common myth among people that rice is not as nutritious as wheat. Whole wheat is richer in fiber than the polished rice we are used to consuming. Rice has approximately the same calories as whole wheat and hence is not more fattening. But the kind of rice you choose is of utmost importance. Brown rice (unpolished rice) abounds in fiber which aids in digestion while helping to lower your blood cholesterol levels whereas white rice (polished rice) loses this important nutrient (i.e. fiber) during processing. If you don't like the taste of brown rice, it is wiser to opt for whole wheat or eat small portions of white rice with large servings of vegetables (as they are rich in fiber). Alternatively a one-meal combination of rice cooked with plenty of vegetables, is also a healthy option.

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