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·         There are estimated to be over 60 million dogs in the United States, alone.

·         President Lyndon Johnson had 2 Beagles, while in the White House. Their names were Him and Her!

·         Three dogs were survivors of the sinking Titanic – a Pomeranian, a Pekinese and a Newfoundland.

·         It is estimated that around 1,000,000 dogs are the main beneficiary of human wills in America.

·         The Bassett Hound dog cannot swim.

·         It is said over 75% of pet owners in, America; sign their pet’s name on their Christmas Cards at the holidays.

·         Dogs have no sense of “real time” [human hours, minutes and such] and only sense and live by seasonal changes.

·         The African dog breed called the Basenji is very unusual, for it is the only known dog that cannot bark.

·         President George Washington is documented as having owned 36 Fox Hounds he used regularly when hunting.

·         Dalmatian puppies are born all white and grow “into” their spots!

·         A dog’s heart beats 50% faster than a human heart, at 120 beats per minute.

·         A dog’s nose print is unique and can be used like a human fingerprint to identify each dog.

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  • facts about dogs

  • facts about dogs