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The Southern Elephant Seal is the largest of all seals in the world.There are two species of elephant seals, the northern and southern.The southern elephant seal is found in the southern hemisphere on the coast of Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand.

The Southern Elephant Seal is the largest of all seals in the world. The males can weigh up to 8,500 lb and the females 2,000 lb. The males are generally twice as long as the females. The males can be up to 20 feet in length. They are a dark brown to light gray in color just like elephants.

Their heads are much larger than any other type of seal which is a good match for their bodies. The males have what appears to be a trunk that protrudes from the front of their face, which is another reason why they have this particular name associated with them.

An Elephant Seal spends upwards of 80% of its life in the ocean.

The main food sources for the Southern Elephant seal are squid and a variety of fish. If these food sources are scarce they may consume small sharks that are around their natural habitat. They can dive into the water and not come back up for up to two hours.

They have been recorded more than 3,000 feet below the surface in order to find the food they need to survive.These seals were once aggressively hunted for their oil and were almost on the brink of extinction. Fortunately, due to the incorporation of some legal acts and due to the efforts of a number of wildlife conservation organizations, their population has rebounded.

During the annual moult, southern elephant seals become stained rusty orange and brown from lying in their own excrement.

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