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Bananas and Apples are rich in Iron because they turn brown


"An apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away" is certainly no exaggeration for the apple is indeed a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and many other vital nutrients. Apples are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E and cholesterol lowering fiber. Bananas are a fruit which requires special mention as they contain large amounts of carbohydrates and are a useful source of energy. Even though apples and bananas are a store for different protective nutrients but the content of iron in apples (0.7 mg/100gm) and bananas (0.4 mg /100gms) is negligible when compared to some of the richest sources for iron like dry lotus stem (60.6 mg iron /100gms), rice flakes (20 mg iron /100g), radish leaves (18.0 mg iron/100gm), parsley (17.9 mg iron /100gms ) or Bajra (8.0 mg iron /100gms).Even fruits like dates (7.3 mg/100gms), water melon (7.9 mg/100gms) and dry fruits like raisins (7.7 mg/100gms) are good sources of iron.

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