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Parent Birds throw out their young ones


Parent Birds throw out their young onesThis is not true, some baby birds leave their nest before they can fly. They flutter on the ground as they go through the "fledgling" stage and practice short hops and flights in bushes and low tree branches. Their parents feed them when they cry from their ground location. These babies are sometimes mistaken for abandoned chicks. These kinds of birds do not need any help or need to be rescued if you do, they will be on the ground before you are. Following type of baby birds need no help:.They have no obvious injury; - no blood, wings and legs are in the correct position. .They are alert and vocal (crying for food or screaming when you grab them) .They are fat, round & their feathers look fluffy and clean (if you move abdominal feathers aside, you can actually see orange colored fat storage on their sides and near the rib cage). .They are covered in feathers. These are "fledglings". They have left the nest and will hop on the ground for 2-3 days until they fly. They can hop and flutter for short flights of about 2ft. in the air but they are not capable of full flight yet. Note that feathers do not grow everyplace. There are bare spots on the abdomen, near the neck and under wings. Feathers grow in patterns and cover these areas. .They will seem tame - unafraid of predators (you).

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