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Don't remove the stinger with Tweezers if you are stung


If you are stung, remain calm. If you're with someone else who is stung, help maintain a calm atmosphere. If stinging insects are nearby, stand still or move very slowly away from them. Don't swing your arms or move quickly because those motions can provoke an attack. Never crush an insect because that could release a special "alarm scent" that will mobilize nearby insects - particularly yellow jackets - to attack.Look at the site of the sting. If there is a stinger visible, the sting came from a bee. These stingers can pump venom into the skin for a few minutes, so you want to get rid of that stinger as soon as possible. Try to flick the stinger away with your fingernail, or scrape it away with something stiff such as a credit card or ID badge. Pull it out only if the other methods don't work.Other do-it-yourself remedies that help relieve the redness, swelling, and itching of a sting include:.Wash the area with soap and water (after removing the stinger, if necessary).Apply cold compresses, or ice from a cooler if that's all that's nearby (try to wrap the ice in a cloth so you're not putting it directly on the skin, which could cause frostbite).Take a pain reliever of your choice if needed..Use anti-inflammatory creams or local anesthetics for additional relief, as needed

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